Ricardo Arona: I am one win away from the UFC

Friday, September 17, 2010

“I spoke to Dana White, he was very amicable, every fighter in the UFC were very amicable towards me. They were all asking if I was going to fight for the UFC and all. And Dana told me that it would be interesting for me to compete in one more fight before competing in the UFC, so that I wouldn’t stay inactive and also so that they could analyze my performance as well.”

“I thought that was fair in one way and not fair in another. For one, I think I can come back with everything because I know what I’m capable of doing inside. But if this is a formality and something determined by the promotion, I see nothing wrong with it”

“I have lots of options right now, I received calls from Abu Dhabi and also from many other countries that are organizing important promotions and I think that’s great, I see nothing wrong with it. From what I’ve seen in this weight class from the champions, what I have to say is that without a doubt, once I get there I will get the belt”

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