Rich Franklin interested in Bisping fight before retirement

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Rich Franklin will likely never make another run at UFC gold, but that doesn’t mean he is quite ready to retire. Franklin is still a marquee star within the UFC ranks and a couple more high profile fights may still be in his future. In particular, one matchup that intrigues him is with Michael Bisping as he recently told MMAWeekly:

“I look at my Twitter and a lot of people talk about (Michael) Bisping,” said Franklin. “That would be an exciting fight and something the fans would want to see. I’m an exciting fighter, he’s an exciting fighter, and we both like to throw down.”

Both Bisping and Franklin have alternated between wins and losses in their last few fights, so it is a match-up could make sense. Regardless of whether Franklin’s wish is granted, he knows his Octagon days are numbered.

“I wake up with bumps and bruises and aches and pains, but I feel pretty good at this age, and I know that if I train for another five years, it’s really going to tear into me,” said the 38-year-old former schoolteacher. “I can feel a difference now preparing for a fight as opposed to even three, four or five years ago. There’s a big difference.”

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