Rickson Gracie’s life lessons – Just Like You

Friday, December 07, 2012

The apparel brand Citizens of Humanity has developed a year-long campaign called “Just Like You” that spotlights 20 inspirational individuals, inlcuding BJJ legend Rickson Gracie. Revenue from sales of the Rickson themed tees will help support The Rockson Gracie Foundation, a charity effort that brings BJJ to underprivileged youth in Brazil.

Rickson details why studying martial arts is good for you.

Fight Stress
“Mentally, you learn how to have emotional control in stressful situations.”

Develop Confidence
“Physically, you develop techniques that give you a sense of confidence and capacity in life for any situation. You know that you are strong and capable without having to be the biggest or strongest person in the room.”

Learn Respect
“Jiu-Jitsu taught me to have respect for the people around me as well as respect for myself. It made me believe in my own strengths and knowledge.”

Develop Complete Physical Strength
“When I was fighting, each fighter represented a single style of martial arts. But today, all the fighters cross-train in different styles to be comfortable in the various dimensions of the fight.”

Be Invincible
“Something my dad would say was that it’s not important to win, but it’s important to know how not to be defeated. The art of invincibility is the most important attribute in Jiu-Jitsu.”

Rickson Gracie: Just Like You from Citizens of Humanity on Vimeo.