Riddle tweets image of his medical marijuana card

Monday, October 22, 2012

At UFC 149 on July 21 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Matt Riddle tapped Chris Clements to win a $65,000 “Submission of the Night” performance bonus.

90 days after the fight, the Calgary Combative Sports Commission (CCSC) revealed that Riddle had been suspended after testing positive for marijuana. However, the suspension was for 90 days, and expired shortly after the announcement, as it was applied retroactively.

Shortly there after, the CCSC announced that the bout result had been changed to No Contest.

There is no word on whether this will effect his win and bonus money.

Riddle took to Twitter for the first tme in over a month, and offered proof that he use marijuana in Nevada legally.

 matthew riddle ‏@riddletuf7
This is my medical marijuana license I don’t take other medications, so don’t hate

you probably shouldn’t post your address online #justsaying and btw you’re 7 days younger than me.

matthew riddle‏@riddletuf
I just moved old address

danny martinez ‏@dmartinez1287
dude have you ever tried a vaporizer? Thats how you get the most THC. Btw who are you scheduled to fight next?

matthew riddleVerified ‏@riddletuf7
of course I like vaping for sure but I’m a glass man all the way tubes!!

danny martinez ‏@dmartinez1287
dude if u ever come to Miami we will vape until are balls fall off. I know a friend she looks like shit but she will blow you.

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While Riddle offered evidence that he was not using marijuana illegally, unfortunately, the fact that the marijuana was used legally in Nevada does not mean he is allowed to have it in his system during a fight in Calgary.