Rockhold: Belfort ‘leads a shady life’

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Luke Rockhold lost his second fight, back in 2007. The he worked his way undefeated to the Strikeforce middleweight defending champion, beating Jacare Souza, Keith Jardine, and Tim Kennedy among others.

Then Strikeforce was shuttered by ZUFFA, and in his first UFC fight, vs. Vitor Belfort, this happened:

Rockhold was KOed at 2:32  of the first.

He came back and beat Costas Philippou at 2:31 of the first. Saturday he fights Tim Boetsch on the main card of UFC 172. But the loss to a TRT-fueled Belfort still doesn't sit well with him.

“I don't give a s—,” Rockhold told Damon Martin for FOX Sports. “I'll go back down to Brazil and fight Vitor on steroids.  He's not going to land that kick again. I will overcome Vitor Belfort.  No matter what, steroids or not, doesn't matter to me.  Lightning will not strike twice.”

“There's some fishy things going on. The highs and lows of Vitor Belfort, I would not want to be that guy. Be on top of the world getting all these 'knockouts of the night' and all these awards of the year and then all of a sudden get shunned into the shadows.  He leads a shady life and it seems like karma might be coming back.”

“Who knows what's going on with Belfort? He seems to be completely silent about it.  Who knows what happened with that last drug test of his or when he's going to be fighting. I hope he comes back soon, because I definitely would be seeking that fight sooner than later.”

In the mean time, the #5 ranked UFC middleweight has a date Saturday night with #13 ranked Tim Boetsch. How do you think it's going to go?