Rockhold: Everyone is cheating the system

Friday, May 17, 2013

Luke Rockhold has been a very vocal opponent of testosterone replacement therapy in the sport of mixed martialarts. He has criticized Belfort for his use of the therapy and emphasized his stance in a conversation with Steph Daniels of B/E:

Obviously, there are circumstances where people have a legitimate need for it. Maybe they’re in their forties or they were born with one ball, or something like that. I actually do know a fighter who only has one ball, so maybe in those cases, where their bodies don’t produce enough testosterone naturally, they need to supplement to get to normal levels.

Then there’s guys like Vitor, who are previous steroid users, and steroids have been known to lower your testosterone levels, yet they’re still getting cleared to fight overseas, just so they can use the exemption. There’s guys that are in their twenties that are on testosterone, which is a joke. It’s becoming too rampant in our sport. Everyone is getting qualified for the exemption.

It’s almost like a cover up. You know, being a fighter, you hear things, and these guys are way over their limits, and they’re doing everything under the sun, winding down or cycling down to get their levels in the legal limits. Everyone is cheating the system, and I think there needs to be more testing done throughout the camps, and at the fight.

I understand that they’ll probably never do it, because it jeopardizes those big fights. That puts a lot of money at risk, but I’d like to see more testing. I’d like to see the playing field leveled out.

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