Rockhold: TRT had nothing to do with that kick

Sunday, May 19, 2013

In the build up to UFC on FX 8, TRT was a highly discussed choice of topic for Luke Rockhold and Vitor Belfort. Rockhold knew that the TRT was allowed, but that doesn’t mean he agreed with it. However, he did acknowledge in the post-fight press conference that TRT was not the reason for his loss:

“I felt good in this fight,” Rockhold said. “I had a great camp. I felt good in the fight. I was focused. I don’t know if I got overconfident or what exactly happened. I don’t know. I thought I had it.

“I felt good. I saw his punches. I saw everything. I was landing some shots. I felt like I was starting to control things, and then I got caught. It happens.”

Rockhold offered a bit of an olive branch after the fight by crediting his opponent’s skills – and not TRT – for earning Belfort the win.

“TRT had nothing to do with that kick,” Rockhold said.

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