Rockhold responds to MMA tinfoil hat crew

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some number of the sport’s “fans” thought there was a conspiracy during the main event of UFC on FX 8, in which Luke Rockhold is believed to have nodded discretely, setting up the kick from Vitor Belfort.

It is probable that the conspiracy theorists reached the conclusion due to a misreading of the poor broadcast quality that results from streaming video to your ham radio.

In all seriousness though, it is sad that fighters have to respond to fools and idiots; Luke Rockhold’s sole tweets since the fight were congratulations to Belfort, and a response to the maroons.

Luke Rockhold ‏@LukeRockhold
•Well that couldn’t have gone much worse. Congratulations @VitorBelfort amazing kick! I’ll be back real soon.
•Hearing some talk about my fight with Belfort being a fix. No amount of money would make me even consider taking a fall. I got caught I lost

The clowns also muttered that Chris Camozzi went out suspiciously fast from Jacare’s arm triangle.

The most satisfactory solution in the latter case, rather than a refuting tweet by Camozzi, might be to have a representative of the conspiracy minded test how long it takes to go out when locked in a Jacare choke.

What is your solution to Internet idiots? Ignore? Vote Down? Delete the UG??!?