Ronda Arouseme star: Sorry I can’t be as fit and amazing as Ronda

Monday, August 17, 2015

Last month is was announced that UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was the latest subject in a genre that includes Shaving Ryan's Privates, Forrest Hump, and White Men Can't Hump – the porn parody.

Director Joanna Angel is a huge fan of Rousey's, and sees the film, Ronda Arousme, as an homage. Angel has extensive experience in the porn parody genre, having starred in the classics Rock & Roll in My Butthole 2, Grand Theft Anal 10, and F—enstein.

Rousey was asked about it recently on a Reddit MMA.

“It's funny, I used to hear that in high school sometimes,” she said. “At least some girl somewhere is paying her bills with it now.”

Submission Radio recently caught up with Kleio Valentien, the adult film actress playing the role of Ronda Arouseme.

“I was really excited about it. I love watching UFC. I used to love watching Pride,” she said. “I grew up first watching boxing and then whenever all of the MMA fights started coming around a whole lot and being publicized, I started watching that. So getting to play a role of a women who is badass and like kicks ass, I’m like 'yes of course I would love to.' But you know, it is a parody, so we also poke fun and stuff. Not like at the people, but play on names and stuff like that. And we also poke fun at the idea of we're making a parody of this, so we're poking fun at ourselves as well.”

“For me I just really….I enjoyed watching the fights. Like I said, I grew up watching boxing whenever I was younger with my grandfather and my Dad as well, so I was always into that itself. But like whenever I saw that there’s women out there and they can be just as strong as the men and put on a great show as well as a great fight, it was just really awesome.”

“In all of the Burning Angel parodies it’s not so much where you have to be exactly the same character. A lot of it is poking fun at things and making it humorous and sexy at the same time. So a lot of people have had and been like 'Oh she doesn’t look exactly like Ronda,' and I’m like, 'well I’m sorry,' you know, I’m sorry I don’t look exactly like her, I don’t look as hot as her. She’s f—in' like fit as hell and amazing. So sorry I can’t be like that.”

“I personally have not gotten any feedback from her, but I'm glad that she is not angry about it and that she's a good sport about it and she knows that it's all in good fun. We have had some people angry about it who think that, you know, which she has worked really hard to be more than just a good woman-fighter but a great fighter in general, that we were sexualizing her too much and stuff. You know, so there's always gonna be like certain people who are angry about parodies, and what can I say? It's just what's going to happen. You just take the good with the bad and just go with it.

Kleio said she would love to go on a date with the champion.

“I would definitely say Ronda,” she said. “If I could ask her out on a date I would totally do that. Ronda if you ever listen to this, please go out on a date with me.”

Valentien was also asked who the hottest fighter was, and the answer was not GSP.

“Urijah Faber,” she said.