Roots of Fight: Helio vs. Kimura

Monday, March 05, 2012

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The Roots Of Fight™ pays tribute to the rich history and tradition of martial arts from regions around the globe and connects the history and images of iconic fighters like Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee with the contemporary global scale of Mixed Martial Arts.

Everyone loves a good story. Everyone loves a good fight. Together they are the Roots Of Fight™.

This film pays tribute to the epic grappling match between Gracie family patriarch Helio Gracie and the greatest judoka of all time, Masahiko Kimura on October 23rd 1951.

Kimura used his significant weight advantage to repeatedly throw the smaller Gracie, but could not finish him. In the thirteenth minute of the match, Kimura secured an ude garami shoulder lock. Gracie refused to submit but his corner, realizing the only possible outcome, threw in the towel and forfeited the match. Today, in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the ude garami is known as the Kimura.

“He knew he was going to lose in front of his whole country, but he still engaged,” says Rener Gracie. “And that’s the definition of a warrior. That’s the definition of a fighter. That’s the definition of a modern-day samurai.”

Roots of Fight commemorates Gracie vs. Kimura through the release of a short documentary with the story of the historic match recounted by Helio’s grandson, Rener Gracie and footage of the match itself.

Roots of Fight Gracie vs Kimura Shirt Item# rof-1006 $34.99 Color: White


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