Roufus: Henderson’s striking got worse

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Duke Roufus recently appeared on Ariel Helwanis The MMA Hour, and expressed confidence that his student Anthony Pettis has UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson’s number, and will take the title in their rematch at UFC 164 on Saturday.

“Anthony has this guy’s number and I think it’s going to show Saturday night,” said Roufus. “I think Anthony has improved in every area Benson Henderson’s going to attack Anthony.”

“He’s actually gotten worse at striking in my humble opinion. He’s tried to experiment more. Experimentation, when you make fundamental mistakes, is not good.

“That’s actually what I do when I watch the Cerrone fight, even the Joe Lauzon fight. Having done this so long, my thing is fundamentals. I try and attack their fundamentals and Anthony picks up on their making a mistake fundamentally. That’s where he capitalizes with the big finishes.”

“I don’t know if it bothers him,” said Roufus of the Showtime Kick. “I know what does bother him down deep is the threat of a guy who can beat him again. Everything Benson tried to do, everything he’s great at, he wasn’t able to do to Anthony and Anthony was able to even take him down in the fight.

“I’ve been watching the fight daily and you can see in the beginning of the fifth round that Anthony had his number and I think that’s what bothers Benson the most; not necessarily the kick, but ‘Man, everything I did my best to do against everyone else didn’t work against this guy’. And, at times, Anthony had him in his favorite positions on the mat and Anthony was threatening him on the mat.”

“It was an amazing fight. Respect to both fighters. It takes two guys to make an incredible fight. They have a history and I think we’re going to have our hands full Saturday, but it’s going to be Anthony getting his hand raised.

“I’ve said it over and over: I think Ben is an incredible fighter. I just think Anthony Pettis is a special fighter.”

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