Rousey: Breaks not bad for the sport

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When Anderson Silva broke his leg trying to kick UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, UFC women’s welterweight champion Ronda Rousey was caught on camera expressing what the entire sport felt collectively.

However, during a recent media event, Rousey put the injury into context, and did not feel like it would impact the sport negatively.

“It’s not bad attention,” Ronda Rousey said to MMAJunkie. “Stuff like that is bound to happen. Like Dana said, those exact injuries happen in basketball.”

“Regardless of what you’re doing, there’s going to be inherent risk involved. Inherent risk in a kick is not anywhere near something like gymnastics, or judo, or football. In judo, we’ve had several deaths, and people getting paralyzed from getting their necks broken.”

“That’s a much more dangerous thing to do. It’s just unfortunate that it happened at all. But I don’t think it’s bad for the sport. It’s bound to happen, it’s part of what we do. We just have to accept it for what it is and keep rolling.”

Rousey’s references were to accidental injuries. But what if the injury comes directly from a  submission hold?

“I don’t have enough room in my brain to worry,” said Rousey. “I know that my thought process is, after the person’s arm is dislocated, I keep thinking about if they’re not going to tap, how else could I do damage from here. It’s totally like, completely like totally cold, cool, calculating time.

“So like the first time that I fought Miesha, like when her whole arm was bent back to the side, I was sitting up so I could punch her face with my other hand. That’s why I was sitting up. I wasn’t sitting up to check on her.”

“The first time I did the arm bar it dislocated a little bit and she was able to get out, because the dislocation increases your range of motion, and you have more of a way to get out. So I was just worried, it’s already out, she’s trying to bridge out, I should probably bring it over to the side, she still hasn’t tapped, ok I have a free hand, I’mm just going to sit up and punch her with this free hand.

“It’s problem solving, it’s not opinions and emotions and stuff like that.”