Rousey: Correia ‘could be a very interesting fight for me’

Thursday, May 01, 2014

At this past weekend's UFC 172, Bethe Correia won her second fighg in the UFC, defeating Jessamyne Duke by decision. After the bout, Correia made a gesture that she just had just defeated the first of the 'four horsewomen', a group of fighters led by Ronda Rousey.

The women's divisions is still pretty small and another win could earn Correia at shot at champion Ronda Rousey, a matchup that the champ is definitely interested in:

“This chick is undefeated,” Rousey said. “She’s fighting Shayna, so Shayna’s UFC debut is either going to be a huge win for Shayna or this girl is going to be still undefeated, and I’m going to have a huge title fight because this girl is going to have fought both of my girls and is coming after me.

“That’s a storyline. That’s Shayna’s storyline right now. And either she beats [Correia] and moves on and has a bigger name, or it moves on to be my storyline.”

“I think Shayna can f—ing handle it and will shove this s–t in this girl’s face, but there’s no lose in this situation,” Rousey said. “It’s a huge win for Shayna, or it’s a huge setup for a fight.

“If Miesha Tate can get a title shot and she hadn’t even won a single match in the UFC, this chick who’s undefeated and beat two of my friends could be a very interesting fight for me.”

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