Rousey: Grapple me? Pay me like the UFC does!

Monday, August 25, 2014

UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey recently sat down with Anton Tabuena for a wide-ranging interview. This is lucky, as UG Blog had not done a piece on “Rowdy” in many long hours, and the site members were starting to complain bitterly.

Back in June Rousey made a bold statement statement about women grapplers.

“I thought, and still think, that I could beat any girl in the world, any weight division, gi or no-gi, black belt and in any ruleset they want, in just pure Jiu Jitsu,” she said.

A number of notable female BJJ competitors took exception to the remarks. Now Rousey takes exception to their taking exception.

Anton Tabuena: A few months ago, you said you 'can beat any BJJ girl in the world' while trying to defend Judo as a sport, but a lot of BJJ Champions seemed to have taken offense to it. Have you seen their responses?

Ronda Rousey: No, I haven't seen their responses, and I'm not going to look for it. If people want to pay me as much as what I get paid in the UFC to go roll with them, I'd go do that too! But I've got movies, I've got fights, and I just don't have the time to put in a grappling training camp. They're only upset because they think they can beat me, so why shouldn't I be just as upset at their opinion thinking they could beat me? Why are they so much more entitled to their opinion than mine?

AB: Gina Carano, what do you think of that match up?

RR: I think Gina is the worst style match up for me actually. One of the reasons why I've been so excited to fight her, was because she has that feeling of distance, and that feeling of timing, and mobility to put those touches in her punches where she has that one punch knockout power.

There's a lot of other girls that they're strong, but they don't have that feeling. So they overwhelm people and they only get TKO's. There's none of that one punch knockout power, and that's the kind of thing that you don't lose. It's that kind of thing that stays with you even if you take time off. I think styles do make fights, and style wise, Gina is the absolute worst match up for me. That's why I've been wanting to fight her for a while, because she could be one of my biggest challenges.

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