Rousey: I felt in control with Liz on my back

Sunday, February 24, 2013

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey won her 7th straight professional MMA fight by armbar in the first round on Saturday night. However, earlier in the fight she was controlling opponent Liz Carmouche with a scarf hold, the dominant pin in Judo, when, in the absence of a gi, Carmouche slipped out and took her back.

Rousey stood and worked to strip the hooks as Carmouche cranked on her face.

After the fight, Rousey said her main concern was not getting tapped, but a wardrobe malfunction.

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“The good thing is that, on the ground, I feel so comfortable in every position that I don’t feel like I’m ever in any danger, so I feel comfortable taking a lot of risks,” said Rousey. “I felt fine with her on my back. I felt very calm and in control, even though it didn’t look like that.

“I was thinking about my bra, actually. I kept thinking, ‘I didn’t order this one myself,’ so they gave me my weigh in bra for the fight. If you look back, I was adjusting myself at one point while she was on my back. Multitasking!

“I felt fine with her on my back. I was thinking more about keeping my sports bra up while she was trying to choke me. I felt very safe and in control even though it didn’t look like that.”

“I was worried I was running out of time. I take my time a lot more in MMA than I did in judo, so I was just trying to take my time and do it right. But I was also worried because I didn’t know how much time I had, so it was a hard balance to find, I guess.”

“I knew she would be very, very tough. I was expecting to go five rounds. With 10 seconds’ difference, it could have gone to the next round and been very different. She’s extremely tough. Much respect to her.”

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