Rousey: Thank God for Gina Carano

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ronda Rousey breaks arms with her Judo, and she can break spirits with her words.

“I would never be an MMA fighter if it wasn’t for [Carano],” Rousey told The Post. “I’m not dumb enough to not be grateful. … I just say thank God for Gina Carano.”

“What she did before me has radically changed my life.”

“I really think what she’s doing with films is just as much an influence on women’s MMA as her fighting again. She’s continuing to represent us very well, bringing women’s MMA to an audience that doesn’t know MMA really at all.”

Could movies be in Rousey’s future?

“I’m a fighter first,” Rousey said. “I came straight [to this interview] from sparring, not from getting my eye brows done. Once I feel like my fighting career is done, then maybe I’ll go into something else. I really havent gotten hit yet. If it keeps going that way, I can fight until I’m 90.”

If Carano retunred to MMA, something she has not ruled out, would Rousey fight the former face of WMMA?

“Of course I would,” said Rousey. “I would just hope that she’d be OK. Obviously, I’d want to win.”

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Ronda Rousey fights Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 this Saturday, February 23rd live on Pay Per View.