Rousey left an impression, on Carmouche’s arm

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ronda Rousey left an impression on Liz Carmouche Saturday night, literally.

Carmouche took Ronda’s back and was working a standing face crank, when her forearm drove Rousey’s mouthpiece out. Rather than readjust and work a choke on the world-class Judoka, Carmouche opted to apply pressure with a crank, right on Ronda’s teeth.

At the UFC 157 post fight press conference, both figthers gave their impression of the moment.

“Neck cranks are always hard to pull off,” related Carmouche. “If a person has a lot of heart, they can fight through it like she did. She was successful. I beared down to where I got teeth marks actually from getting down to her mouth and thinking, ‘Maybe I can get her to tap by knocking some teeth out.’ It just didn’t quite work out.”

Minutes later Rousey showed, and gave an accounting from the other side.

“She had like a cross face,” said Rousey. “It was across my face, and actually, I dislocated my jaw when I was a kid, i’ts like a weird injury there, and she went across and it was pushing my mouthguard out and her arm went past my teeth… So I’m sorry it was not intentional at all dude!”

“It was a tricky situation to be in especially after I saw Urijah earlier that day – It was like ‘uhoh.’ I wasn’t worried but I was very aware of the severity of the situation.”

Although Rousey apologized, the hold was not illegal, as rather than Rousey biting down, Carmouche was trying to driver her forearm into Rousey’s teeth.

The moment it happened.

The impression was visible during the fight.

A close up.

The pair share battle scars.