Rousey on AC testing for pot: What’s next, testing for genital warts?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Incandescent women’s MMA star Ronda Rousey was notorious in Judo circles for speaking her mind, and she brings that attitude to MMA. In an interview with MMA Scraps Radio, she talks about Athletic Commission testing for Marijuana in MMA.

The topic of course comes up because Nick Diaz recently tested positive for a second time in Nevada, and faces stiff penalties, including a possible year suspension. Diaz has a medical marijuana card in his home state of California, due to an diagnosis for Attention Deficit Disorder.

Nevada State Athletic Commission chairman Keith Kizer has pointed out that the issue is not a morality, but simply that you cannot let a fighter fight while high. “The drug is banned because of the damage it does to the person taking it,” said Kizer. “It could make you lethargic, slow your reflexes, and those are dangerous things in a combat sport.”

Rousey disagrees.

“The athletic commissions testing for marijuana is an invasion of privacy,” Rousey said. “I don’t think that’s constitutional at all. There’s no real reason that they should be able to test and make the athletes conform to their political ideas,” .

“They have just as much of right to say that ‘you know what? We don’t believe that athletes should be promiscuous so we’re going to start testing for genital herpes and genital warts.”

“‘We’re going to start testing women for birth control because we don’t think you be having premarital sex. They don’t have a right to do it. It has nothing to do with sports.”

“Anyone who is stupid enough to say that smoking weed enhances your performance has never fought or never smoked weed. It actually lowers your testosterone. It doesn’t help you in anyway at all.”