Rousey preparing for best Miesha Tate

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Like she has done to all her opponents, Ronda Rousey defeated Miesha Tate by arm bar in the first round, however that doesn’t mean Rousey is sleeping on Tate in their December rematch:

“They’re kind of saying, oh, Ronda’s no good after the first round, or the first minute.  They’re crossing their fingers and hoping that whatever they don’t know about my game is bad,” said the champion.

“I’m assuming that Miesha fixed all the holes that I saw in her game last time and she’s going to be like the best version of her that ever happened,” she added.

“I’m going to train for a five-round battle, whereas they’re hoping that after the first round I’m going to peter out.  They’re training for the worst version of me possible that they can think of, and I’m training for the best version of her possible that I can even imagine.”

“I think that’s the big difference between how me and Miesha prepare,” said Rousey.

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