Rousey talks about boobs, douche boyfriends, and more

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ronda Rousey, if anything, speaks her mind about any topic she wants and isn’t shy to tell you want she thinks. recently caught up with Rousey after a training session and she answered some great questions in a fun way. Rousey was not too kind though in speaking about Brian Caraway, who is the boyfriend of former foe Miesha Tate:

[Tate] seems like a cool chick, apart from her pet boyfriend. [Caraway] just seems like the biggest douche ever, and if you have a douche in your ear [all day], you’re going to adapt the vernacular of douchebaggery.

That’s partly what it is, but you can just tell, man. He’s got nothing going on for himself except for her, and I think that she would be doing way better without him. I mean, why him? This random wrestler guy [who] never did anything in wrestling, never really did anything in MMA, holding mitts for Miesha, who’s fighting for a world title shot? It’s ridiculous. If you ever saw that in boxing, you’d laugh your ass off.

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