Rousey would fight at catchweight vs. Carano

Friday, March 14, 2014

UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey spoke with reporters in Dallas about a several prominent female figures in MMA.

On fighting Gina Carano

“I would love that,” said Rousey, as transcribed vs. MMAFighting. “I've always said that, I never would've found women's MMA if I hadn't seen her fight.”

“To fight her would be a real honor and I think that'd be a milestone for the sport. But, I mean, you can't fight for anyone but yourself. I wouldn't want her to fight for any other reason than if she wants to fight. It's a personal decision for everyone.”

“(Carano deserves a title shot due to) everything that she's done for the sport and the pioneer that she is.”

“There are exceptions that I would make for Gina that I wouldn't make for anyone else,” said Rousey of fighting Carano at a catchweight. Carano fought most of her career at 145.

On Cat Zingano

“I still feel that Cat Zingano is next,” said Rousey. “I feel like she is the No. 1 contender, and I saw a statement from her management saying that she'll be ready in June.”

On Arianny Celeste.

“That whole Arianny thing, those comments from the Maxim thing, that was from 12 months ago,” said Rousey. “Did it just take her a year to come up with a comeback? I mean, why is this coming up now?”

“They made grammatical sense, which is good for her.”