Rousey’s mom: Why my daughter deserves to fight ‘Whiny Girl’ Tate

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ronda Rousey is the female Brock Lesnar. They share an amazing background in a feeder sport for MMA (Ronda Rousey Olympic Judo medalist, Brock Lesnar national Div I Folkstyle wrestling champion). They share a compelling personality. And they both rocketed to title contention with astomishing speed.

Brock Lesnar had his first fight (vs. Min Soo Kim) on 6/2/2007. On 11/15/2008, less than 18 months later, in only his fourth fight, he fought for and won the world title.

Rousey had her frst pro fight (vs. Ediane Gomes) on 3/27/2011. First amateur MMA fight was 11/12/2010 (vs. Autumn Richardson). On 3/2//2012, less than 14 months later, in only her 5th pro fight, Rousey is fighting for the title.

As happened with Lesnar, many have said that Rousey’s rise to title contention was too fast. Prominent among that naysayer is Rousey’s next opponent, Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate.

Prominent among the voices saying that Rousey does deserve a title shot is her mother, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, the first U.S. woman ever to win a world judo title.  If you agree with Miesha, Dr. DeMars thinks you are a moron.

Why Anyone Who Thinks Ronda Doesn’t Deserve a Title Fight is a Complete Moron

This might just fall under the heading of  ‘my mom thinks I’m cool’ but in this case, mom is a world champion and not amused.

I’ve read a few of these blogs and comments written by people who have never met Ronda, never done judo at an international level and never seen Ronda train. It’s too bad that they don’t have a Stupid Olympics or a Whiny White Girl Olympics because I think we could have some real contenders.

In the points below, I am just going to use Whiny Girl because it is shorter than Whiny Girl 3, Whiny Girl 2, Random Guy Using the Internet from His Mother’s Basement and Ex-Boyfriend Ronda Dumped. Don’t feel left out. It’s like when we use ‘mankind’ to mean humanity. You are all included.

Here are my opinions on YOUR opinions on Ronda’s world title fight coming up.

Stupid idea #1: Ronda has only had four fights and Whiny Girl has had 9 or 12 or 17 and trained for four years. Guess what? Ronda has had hundreds of fights. She’s had fights where people tried to throw her to the ground, choke her unconscious and break her arm. These were with women who had a decade or more of experience at trying to throw people down, choke them and break their arms.

Stupid idea #2: Whiny Girl says Ronda shouldn’t fight because, “We don’t know how good she is. She has won her fights so fast.” That’s so stupid it’s really hard for me to respond other than wondering if you even listen to the words that come out of your mouth. Are you saying that you don’t know how good she is because she has been so much better than the people she fought? I will tell you then. Very fucking good. There, now you know.

Stupid idea #3: Whiny Girl says we don’t know if Ronda can do anything but an arm bar because she has won every match with an arm bar. I’ll tell you how to find out – stop her from arm barring you and see what happens. If you can’t stop her, I guess you’ll never know.

Stupid idea # 4: Everyone has a game plan until they get hit in the face. This is actually very true and accurate. The stupid part is the presumption that Ronda has never been hit in the face. In fact, Ronda has been hit a time or two in her other MMA fights. She’s been hit hard in a few other situations (not by me, I don’t believe in parents hitting their children).

Stupid idea #5: We don’t know how tough she is. I will tell you then. Ronda has fought (and won) matches in a major international tournament with her elbow dislocated. She popped it back in and kept fighting. When she was in high school, she broke a few bones in her foot, taped it up, entered a competition anyway and won six out of seven matches and the tournament.

One thing people who promulgate these stupid ideas fail to realize is that there is a world of difference between the level of the average judo player and someone who is winning medals in world competition, not just once on a fluke but over and over. Ronda won a bronze medal in the Olympics, four gold medals in world cups, a silver medal in the world championships and gold at the Panamerican Games. To have someone who has fought a dozen or two dozen matches, all within a cross-country flight from home question whether Ronda “deserves” to fight them – well, as I said, it’s too bad they don’t have a Whiny White Girl Olympics.

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In the mean time, the daughter is keeping up a dreambeat of interest in the fight, sending this to Tate via Twitter: