Roy Nelson: I can make 205, if I lose a leg

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Luke Thomas: So let’s say it came along, and I’m just throwing this out there, I’m not in any way suggesting that it could, I’m just offering it to you. Joe Silva calls you tomorrow and says, “Alright, I’ve got something completely out of the box for you Nelson. I want you to fight either Shogun or Jon Jones and if you beat Shogun then you get a shot at Jon Jones.” I know you’re tired of the 205 pound questions but is that so intriguing that it makes smart business and fighting sense for you?

Roy Nelson: I would ask you, “How much?” and then I’d need to figure out how much I could lose off of liposuction or getting amputated from cutting my leg off.

LT: You sort of make the point in the same way Daniel Cormier does, there’s just no realistic way of making that weight at least not in your own enthusiastic efforts but is it, I mean short of surgery, short of drastic means like gastric bypass, is it biologically for you to make it? Forget the will, forget all that other stuff. Is it biologically impossible short of surgery?

RN: Biologically? I’d have to lose muscle. That’s one thing people don’t pay attention to is like I wouldn’t do a gastric bypass but I’d have to literally cut off my leg and I’d be a one-legged 205-er but I’d still do pretty good.

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