Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mixed Martial Arts is the application of the scientific method to fighting.

Ask a Question: What are the most effective fighting techniques in each martial art?
Do Background Research: What martial arts potentially have effective technqiues and are willing to test them?
Construct a Hypothesis: By having exponents of various martial arts fight against each other, over time the differences between the individuals will become unimportant, and the effectiveness of the style’s techniques will become apparent.
Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment: Fight in a cage.
Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion: Boxing, wrestling, BJJ, and Muay Thai are among the martial arts with the most effective fighting techniques.
Communicate Your Results: It is the world’s fastest growing sport.

Lost in all that is the more subtle value in other martial arts. In part two of Countdown to UFC 146, Roy Nelson details the benefits of his decades long Shaolin Kung-Fu practice.

“The Lohan school of Shaolin, I actually got started in my Sifu’s garage,” said Nelson. “I think I was 15 1/2, 16. Kung-fu is the root for I would say 95% of all martial arts. I practice it every day.”

“(With Sticky Hands) basically you’re just working with their body movement, where you’re feeling their energy, and just trying to manipulate that to your advantage.”

“Working on the wooden dummy you can work on some striking, and you can also work grappling, like grabbing the leg, pushing the hips away.”

“Meditation can help make you more mentally strong, especially during a fight. It slows everything down so that you can control the chaos.”