Roy Nelson vs. Urijah Faber, Round 3

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Urijah Faber has had four title shots, and although he lost each one, those are the only fights he ever lost.

Thus it did not sit well with Faber when Roy Nelson, who is himselft intent on getting a title shot, complained about the numbers fights for the belt that “The Californai Kid” has received.

“It takes more than being somebody people like to get title shots—you’ve got to win,” said Faber. “I just watched an interview Dana did about big Roy Nelson, and I saw an interview where Roy Nelson mentioned me. He actually said my name wrong, he said ‘if I was Ariah Faber I would have a title shot,’ and I looked at my record and I looked at his record, and I’m like dude I win my fights to get into title fights. That’s what Dana was saying.”

In interview with BloodyElbow’s Steph Daniels, Nelson responds.

“He got mad about me saying he gets too many title shots? But I say that to his face, and he’s the nicest guy to my face. Whatever he’s bitched about is what I say to his face. It’s not like it’s coming from anywhere else. I say it to his face, that’s how I roll. If he wants to fight, we can fight but he might have to get in line.

“I’m not hating on him, I’m just asking him how the f— does he get like 5 million title shots? I was asking for the blueprint. I’m being genuine when I’m asking, ‘Hey, how do you get all of these title shots? Did you catch someone murdering somebody? What do you have on somebody? Or does your management have something or somebody? Or do I just need to be small? Do I need to be under 5 foot? What’s the rule?’

“Uhriah? Ariah? They’re all the same. It’s iah. The fact he answered to that makes it his name. If I called ‘You Butthead’ and you answer to it, then that’s your name. If he was in my movie I’d probably call him Uh-riah because that’s easier to say. Actually, I’d let him pick his own name so his feelings weren’t hurt.”

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