Ruas to Rizzo: Fedor my ass! It’s kill or die.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marco Ruas is looking forwards to seeing his protege Pedro Rizzo in action on June 21st, when the former UFC fighter fights Fedor Emelianenko.

“Pedro has all the tools, it’s up to him, his mind,” warns Ruas. “He told me he wants it. ‘I wanna prove to myself I’m a fighter and I have all conditions to pull out good fights’. He has all the chances to do so.”

“He can’t stay still in front of the guy because he’s dangerous and explosive. He’s gotta go for it and get the knockout. He can’t have a boring fight, he must believe his potential and run through that guy. He can’t keep thinking ‘oh, it’s Fedor, it’s Fedor’. Fedor my ass. Go there and knock him out. It’s kill or die, he must go for it.”

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