Ruediger out vs. Kelly at UFC 123 due to injury

Monday, October 25, 2010

As of Friday I had to withdraw from my fight at UFC 123.

Ive been training with injuries for this whole camp and Ive been trying to just work around them. One injury that has been giving me daily issues was a groin strain. This happened about 3 weeks ago wrestling. I was wrapping it and just enduring the pain, but Wednesday, I was back to wrestling and my groin tore all the way through. As I laid on the mat I knew it was bad, but it wasnt until Friday that I realized that it would be impossible to be ready for my upcoming bout.

Leading up to this injury, I was training very hard and felt very confident that I would be well prepared for my bout against a tough Paul Kelly. I was motivated to come out and have a great performance after my last lack luster one. The fact that the UFC gave me another chance was apprecaited and I wanted to make the most of it. Now, I will just rest, deal with the frustration and disappointment, heal up and get back to work. Im hoping with proper rehab to be back as soon as possible. 

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