Rumor: M-1 is done

Friday, April 06, 2012

Over the past year, UG member Hammers Hamill has posted some startlingly accurate predictions and news, and some deeply innacurate ones. The Underground is divided as to whether HH is Nostradamus with his fists taped, or some guy really good at turning plausible Internet rumors into threads.

Now HH says M-1 Global, the team behind Fedor Emelianenko, is done.


From: hammers hamil
Member Since: 3/10/11
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The end is near of the m1 global brand. Creditors not getting paid sponsers dropping there support not paying there employess the mob money is running dry and the events are not bringing in a return on investment… They can claim there having all these events but there on life support….

Vadummy and crew are fucking used car salesman and crazy dana white is right… I met these bozos first hand through t shirt guy at affliction when vadummy came up to me bsed me on saying m1 global is to the international market to what ufc is to north america lol… They liquored me and my associates up on russian vodka and tried to sell us 10% of the company for an insane price lol enough with that rant back to the info…

M1 global dont even have the full rights to there tape library lol even garry or should i say jerry owns a piece of there tape library…. Fighters promised so many things and strong armed into unfair contracts… The reason your hearing the fedor to ufc hype is that the ship is sinking and there looking for one more big payday before the company goes belly up…

Sued bellator lol the fuckers dont even want the fighter they are trying to hold him hostage for money and dont even have a valid contract its doctored and not worth the paper its written on bjorn rebney laughed at these clowns… They claim they still have a contract with showtime and thats bullshit they have no ties to showtime… The big show they had in russia with putin and showing a packed house was 85% papered and using the smoke and mirrors approach that it was a huge bigtime event that drew an amazing 1200 buys on internet ppv lol….

Not sad too see M1 GLOBAL go good riddance vadummy and crew are living in denial but over the next few weeks and months the demise is coming…

From: hammers hami
Member Since: 3/10/11
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ive been drinking so pardon the grammar lol… Zuffa is not very happy with allistar overeem atm the office is split on what to do with him half want to release him from his contract and others are waiting for the b sample before they pass judgement on him but the reem is treading on this ice and dont be shocked to see him released from zuffa the b sample is a last ditch effort to save face as zuffa is fed up with the allistar overeem circus the shit is gonna hit the fan…

From: hammers hamil
Member Since: 3/10/11
Posts: 376

everybody knows mir is getting the shot but ive said it before and i will say it again if people get behind the hunt petition and twitter bomb blaf he listens to what the fans want but personally i would prefer mir but your voices can be heard just tell dana you will buy him some pinkberry lol

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