Rutten: Jon Jones is beatable

Thursday, June 05, 2014

With only a couple tough situations in a few fights, Jon Jones has looked almost unbeatable in his UFC career. But former UFC champion Bas Rutten knows that nobody in the sport is unbeatable and feels Jones is no exception:

“Jon is one of those guys who gets caught in an armbar, and this will probably never happen again now, because he’s the guy who goes back on Monday after the weekend and then he starts working on it so it will never happen again,” said the 49-year-old former champ. “So it made [Jones] a better fighter. But I’m just saying, if it happened with an armbar, it might happen with something else. And if somebody’s really fast, they might slip something on.

“Everybody’s beatable. Mixed martial arts, there’s many ways to win, and that also means there are many ways to lose, as well.”

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