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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ryan Bow Autobiography: The Breakfast of Champions Might Just Be Rice

From: Ryan Bow
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I wanted to let you know that the autobiography about my life in Japan will be released in October 2012!

It has been 3 and a half years since I returned to America. There is so much about my experience living and fighting professionally in Japan for 12 years that I want to share with everyone! SOME OF WHICH, COULDN’T BE TOLD UNTIL NOW!

For more information on the book, please refer to the homepage link below:


Thanks for the support!

Ryan Bow

Every so often a book comes along that will challenge everything you think you know about life. A book that will force you to step back a bit and take a closer look at the ideas and concepts that for so long have seemed to control how you view your world and deal with the obstacles before you.

This is the true story about a young man who was told at an early age by the doctors that he had a cyst on his brain that could require major surgery. That he should avoid head trauma because it could cause permanent brain damage, or death.

So what does this young boy do? Ryan Bow relocates to Japan alone at the age of 17, enters a Dojo, and becomes a Mixed Martial Arts champion.

This amazing story will challenge your humanity, question your priorities and stimulate your compassion. It is the true story of one man’s struggle to survive in a Japanese culture that has little tolerance for those who refuse to just fit in.

Ryan Bow’s story will inspire everyone who reads it to never give up and to embrace the overwhelming truth that faith and determination are truly the binders that holds the pages of life together.

After reading this book you may discover that finding true peace and happiness has more to do with your choices and less to do with the obstacles in your life.