Ryan Ford calls Mark Pavelich ‘crazy, weirdo, bipolar, schizophrenic’

Monday, January 24, 2011

 “He says I’m the one who is crazy? Well that is because I’m not living in his little world. I’m living in the real world. He’s just being Mark Pavelich: the weirdo, bipolar, schizophrenic… you name it.  The reason I signed on my manager and my agent in the first place was because Pavelich was taking advantage of me. He was trying to be my friend and be my promoter at the same time. At the beginning of my career he was my manager and up until my eighth fight he had only gotten me one sponsorship deal. He took all of the other sponsorships for himself.”

“There is no real friendship. I fought for his promotion so obviously I had to see him and appear friendly, but it’s a business relationship. He was the one who tried to pretend I was a friendship.”

“It’s funny. You look at that video blog and you see Mark Pavelich so happy that he signed me again, but the reason why he was so happy about the re-signing is because I left a different organization to come to him. He was happy because he got me away from a competing organization that was making money.”

“I owe him money? For what? He is the promoter and I am the fighter. I don’t pay him; he pays me. People don’t understand that I know Mark Pavelich, but I know him. We had a close relationship at one point and I was at his house all of the time. And yeah, he’s crazy. The guy is crazy.”

“Before I left MFC, he said I was the best athlete in the world. He said I was the guy to beat Georges St. Pierre. As soon as I left him he said, ‘Ryan Ford ain’t going to be s—.’ His problem is that he has way too much pride. Guys who are successful in the business are able to put their pride down at times, but Pavelich can’t.

“He says he is the third best promotion in the world, but he only gets 1,200 people to come to his venues. You drive two hours away from here and you can find mixed martial arts shows that have 3,000 people in attendance. The only reason he thinks he is better is because he has a deal with HDNet and picks up fighters who were let go by the UFC. His head is stuck so far up his a– that he can’t see that.”

“ Don’t trust Pavelich as far as you can throw him… well, most people could probably throw him pretty far.”

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