Ryan Hall safely subdues unhinged attacker, on video

Thursday, March 15, 2012


On December 11th, 2011, several friends were enjoying dinner in a pizzeria, when a man approached the table, requesting a lighter. After informing him the table was comprised of non-smokers, the man became enraged, demonstrating violent behavior, and directly threatening one of the seated diners.

The man threatened was Ryan Hall, owner of Fifty/50 BJJ, and one of the most decorated lightweight grappling and BJJ competitors in the USA. The Marcelo Garcia representative is an IBJJF Mundial and No-Gi Mundial champion.

The video displays the occurrence in its entirety, to show exactly how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be used in self-defense as a means to control and subdue an opponent. Without a single punch thrown, the opponent is first controlled, and in a second encounter choked unconscious as a humane and legal means to end the confrontation.

Description from witness

From: Irishspirit
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From someone who was there, Ryan was actually worried the drunk might have a knife on him, which is why he never took his eyes off him, even while everyone else seemed to be taking the guy lightly. Ryan was staying calm so the guy didn’t take him as threatening, in an attempt to diffuse the situation. He moved when he did because the guy reached back as if going for a knife. After Ryan mounted him, he realized the drunk didn’t have one though and decided to give the guy another chance. Maybe he should have held him down, but the guy’s buddy was calm and the drunk was calming down, so it seemed to be the right thing to do. Lesson learned I guess, don’t be too nice a guy.

Ryan waited the whole time to give the guy the benefit of the doubt because he was clearly unhinged, and because Ryan is not one to start a fight in a group that included 2 women, a small child, one old dude (TPK), only one other healthy guy, and one guy who had just had hip surgery and would’ve been no help at all other than probably injuring himself if he so much as moved too fast. A group sure, but not one that is ready to back Ryan up in a street fight. Ryan moved to grab the drunk the second time to pull him outside because the person he stepped towards was the friend who had just had hip surgery and had only been walking without the use of crutches for a few days. Had the drunk guy even so much as pushed him, that friend could have been very badly injured. Ryan wasn’t trying to get him outside to fight him, but rather trying to get him away from the individuals who couldn’t protect themselves with his dignity still intact. Ryan’s goal was to diffuse the situation without anyone getting injured intentionally or accidentally. Isn’t that the real skill of a street fight?

p.s. Ryan didn’t realize this because he was 100% focused on the guy, but the cops were called early on. One of the employees had already called them. This individual had already harassed another table before moving to ours. After the cops got there, they told us that he had also been kicked out of a bar for starting a fight earlier.