Ryan Thomas comments on his unfair stoppage

Saturday, April 17, 2010

From:  Ryan Thomas
Posted: 5 hours ago
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Go to the link below and watch the slow motion gif of my fight. I did not tap and I did not pass out. I clearly move my leg before the ref touches me and I raise my hands in protest to the stoppage before Askren even lets go of his so called “choke”. Bellator prides itself by claiming that the “fighters control their own destiny”. My destiny was controlled by a ref that didn’t belong in the cage. I was simply staying calm and letting Askren tire his arms out until he had to transition to something else or so I could slip my head out. This choke was not in position to cut off the arteries to my brain on both sides of my neck. He only had one side blocked off. I did not hear the ref tell me to show him a sign because as you can see from the GIF, both of my ears were covered.  I was screwed out of my $10,000 win bonus for this fight, $15,000 to fight and $15,000 to win in the next round of the tournament and $20,000 to fight and $30,000 to win in the championship fight. Not to mention my title shot. Let Bellator know if you think I should be compensated for at least my win bonus for the Askren fight. Until then I plan on trying to keep my head up and preparing for my return to Bellator season 2 as an alternate or my Bellator season 3 tournament fight that Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney has promised me. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me.