Ryo Chonan: ‘People complaining about the Rising Sun flag are idiots’

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Last month, UFC featherweight Chan Sung Jung, a Korean native, released a statement via Facebook, likening the rising sun image on the gi that UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre walked out in at UFC 158 to the Nazi swastika.

Both GSP and the gi manufacturer Hayabusa offered apologies.

“I’d like to personally apologize to anyone who was offended by this,” said St-Pierre. “I am very sorry, that was never my intention.”

Hayabusa Fightwear president Craig Clement went further, apologizing, and stating the gi would not be brought to market.

Now Japanese fighter Ryo Chonan offers a distinctly unconcilliatory response, via Facebook. Translation by samurailife.net.

“All the people complaining about the Rising Sun flag are idiots,” said Chonan. “Learn history! Even though that might be too much for you idiots.

“I don’t care about the comfort women, go make more statues in Korea. Japan is too busy.

“There is a lot of exaggerations and anti-Japanese education in regards to Japanese involvement in World War II.

“Japan actually helped Korea and made it a developed country. Also when Japan was there Korea was not divided between North and South.”

What do you think UG? Cool gi or symbol of evil?

And what do you think about Chonan’s being too busy to care about comfort women?

Comfort women were women and girls throughout Japan’s occupied territories who were coerced, deceived, lured, and sometimes kidnapped into a prostitution corps created by the Empire of Japan during WWII. Estimates of their numbers range from the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands.