S#!@ fighters DON’T say

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

$hit MMA Fighter’s Don’t Say…

From: Mike Swick
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I’ll start…
•I wanna thank everyone but Jesus for this win!
•I am training to be a bouncer!

What you guys got? 😉

I’d like to blame god for this loss

Let me bang bro!

I wild each it lol that meets their naked

Where you at Nick Diaz? Where you at mother f@$%#&?

Id like to thank my BJJ coach James Toney.

nick diaz nut hugger
No, it wasn’t anything in my supplements. I took steroids.

I do this for the sweaty half naked men

I am scared homie

Cup? I don’t need no stinkin’ cup!
Oh Matt Lindland, you smell DEE-LISH
Mazzagatti? Thank God!
Ready for shower time, Butterboots?
Do I look fat in this Kimura?

I’m gonna take him down and sub him
Pat Barry is toooo big for HW
I love Jits
Fuck YAHHH I get nervous and call my mom crying from the bathroom stalls before I walk out
It’d be cool if the fuckin power went out
Man I hope this dude don’t make weight so I can turn this fight down and blame him not me
Rnd 3 CROCOP: hey Duke mufucka, when the bell rings I’m gonna go out there and throw 1 jab, then you throw in the towel and ill turn around like NOOOOO WHATDAFUCK MAAAAN(wink wink wink)

Mike Swick
I am really getting tired of all these “Of the night” bonuses!

Eric Bloodaxe
It is what it is… Actually, wait a minute. That sentence is a complete piece of nonsensical bullshit!

UGCTT Molsonmuscle360
Who am I gonna fight next Joe? Well, probably some douchebag at the bar tonight who looks at my girlfriends ass.

I would like to thank my coaches for greasing me up between rounds. He has great grappling, and I didnt prepare for that. I would also like to thank Harry Potter series for showing me things can just be handed magically to me. That said, thank you Mr. Peoples, I thought he wrecked me those first two rounds clearly, but that 30-27 is nice for my record

I’m impressed by your performance

I just want to thank the UFC, except for that a$$#@%* Lorenzo Fertitta.

Thank you Satan for this win and really changing my life around

Mike Swick
I love eating quinoa, kale, spinach and avocados everyday for lunch.

I’m in the worst shape of my life for this fight

Feelz Good
I’d like to thank my boyfriend” (males only)

Mike Swick
So I only get paid half my purse if I suffer a humiliating loss that I trained just a hard for? Awesome!

Rogan: so who would you like to defend your ufc belt against next?
Fighter: whoever my manager hand picks; guys coming off losses, women, or childeren. It don’t matter!

I think my shirt needs less skulls and fire

nick diaz nut hugger
I definitely feel like he could beat me in a rematch

I’m learning Muay Thai techniques from Bob Sapp

nick diaz nut hugger
I don’t think I’ll ever be champion but f@$%it I gotta get paid somehow

I’m fighting to not finish and get the decision win. Give the fans their full 15 or 25 minutes worth.

Excuse me Joe I can’t talk now I have to go to the bathroom

I’m just looking to stall him out against the fence, hand it to the judges and get that split decision win.

I don’t want to fight that guy ’cause he humiliated me in the last fight.
Brasil e merde!
I haven’t fought enough top flight middleweights to challenge Anderson Silva.

I just want to say that I hate the fans and I would still be here even without them. Oh, and I definitely don’t fight for you!

I’d like to thank the fence, for preventing so many takedowns

nick diaz nut hugger
The fight was close, but I don’t ever want a rematch

Yeah I knew the mystery pills and injections the “nutritionist” at the gym was giving me to cut weight and heal faster we’re actually peds didn’t think Id get tested this time

There gonna be some white on black crime

I’m glad there was no testing for this fight!

It isn’t what it isn’t

Olive Garden Table
F@$% the fans….and the troops. I fight for me and only me

my job IS matchmaker, not Joe Silva who quite frankly does a shit job so I’ll fight who I want

I wish more guys would just go to the ground and wrestle with me….this getting punched in the face is for pussies….

naughtiidawg liver kicked my SN
I’m doing this for nothing. My life is boring and I’m loaded so I thought, What the hell.

I wasn’t too worried about his takedowns because I could just grab the cage a few times.

Vitor Me A New One
If he grabs a limb or slaps on a choke, I’ll probably just tap straight away to be honest…

I am over paid.

there are but two things you should know about me. 1. I like big butts and 2. I cannot lie

Yeah, Ronda Rousey will probably armbar me in the first round.

I wish I could have fought prime Axe Murderer in Pride

I’d like to thank sea biscuit and Mr. Ed, they were delicious!!

nick diaz nut hugger
Even though I was still conscious and fighting back, I think the ref stoppage was fair

tokoros haircut
This won’t be a war so much as a slow technical points match, if he wants to meet in the middle and trade, I will try and avoid that by jab and jogging.
I mind where this fight goes, I’m better at some aspects than others.
One of us probably isn’t going to get knocked out, we both have limited punching power and don’t like to stand and bang. It may well go the distance

Random Poster
Cutting weight is the fun part!

I came out here and I left 20% in the cage.

I had a lot of personal stuff going on coming into this fight you know… I picked up a bad injury to my a$$#@%* when I was in Thailand, and…um…try explaining that to the wife you know…I had to get my stomach pumped…um…A whole bunch of stuff like that. It just kinda got to me. Top it off with fighting Georges here and, I mean, you can see how hot he is…just trying to keep my mind on the fight and off his ass, it was tough…I mean…you know, you try it…

Officer Farva
With my OTN bonus I am going to get a giant sword that looks like a penis tattoed on my chest.
I think the ring girls should wear more clothes so they don’t get cold.
My grandmother just died and even thought I got my ass kicked, I am going to dedicate this fight to her anyway.
Son, you are adopted !
I couldn’t have won this fight without the support of my girlfriend I’ve been dating for the past 2 years. We have never met and only talked on the computer and phone but I am sure she loves me and nothing bad can come of this !

fapout 92
my opponent has a great ass

The part about reading all of these is the, not all of us, but most of us say all of this shot regularly!!!

Crashdt 6
Has a fighter ever not said anything after a fight? Didnt thank his sponsors, his family, his trainers or God and Jesus? I would love to see someone after a win just nod and walk off.