Sanchez: Guillard’s chin questionable; I feel sorry for him

Monday, October 28, 2013

Diego Sanchez and Melvin Guillard at one-time were training partners at Jackson’s, however both moved on, with Sanchez returning. Generally what happens in the gym is supposed to say in the gym, but Guillard recently criticized Sanchez, saying he would knock out Sanchez and had done it before in the gym. Sanchez not one to let his name get disgraced, spoke out in response to Guillard on today’s MMA Hour:

I was cool with Melvin Guillard before he said that. Here is the thing with Melvin, okay. The guy is an awesome athlete, he is really good, explosive and really fast; but the dude has got a questionable chin. I’m telling you, I’ve seen everybody in the gym drop him. I’ve dropped him two times with a straight left. And that’s true, I am not lying. The guy has a questionable chin. Joe Stevenson dropped him with a jab. Joe Lauzon dropped him with a jab. He doesn’t have an iron chin like me. For him to say he dropped me all the time is a bunch of bullshit.

You can ask Mike Winkeljohn, you can ask Greg Jackson, you can ask anybody in the gym that was actually there. The coaches are going to say they can’t remember they saw the last time Diego get dropped, but, Adlan Amagov dropped me with a kick, a liver kick, that was the hardest I’ve ever been kicked. But, yeah, I don’t get dropped very much. If it is, it’s with a body kick or something like that. But, it’s part of the sport.

For him to say he drops me all the time, that is the biggest, untrue biggest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. I feel sorry for Melvin that he has to drop that low to bring himself up, or try to bring himself up because it really makes him look stupid. Because he’s lying. I think the guy is just lost because he can’t find a camp. He’s here, he’s there, he’s moving from Albuquerque to Houston to Dallas to Denver to Top Team. He has a lot of talent but I don’t know what will make him talk crap about me.”

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