Sanchez blames bad beef tartare for UFC 171 loss

Sunday, March 16, 2014

At UFC 171 Diego Sanchez lost a decision to Myles Jury, who stayed ahead of the longtime UFC veteran for the entire fight. Today on Twitter, Sanchez said he believed food poisoning was to blame for this lack luster performance:

“I wasn't myself last night,” Sanchez wrote on Twitter. “I sustained food poisoning from eating a beef tartar with raw quail egg as an appetizer at dinner. This was my own mistake. I ordered it thinking I need red meat but raw was the wrong choice. I threw up first at 2 am and all day fight day.”

“This was not part of the Dolce Diet, I screwed myself,” he continued. “I thought because I had done everything do perfect I could sway a little and it cost me.”

According to the TUF winner, he “didn't have the strength” to do what he wanted during the bout.

“I was weak and my performance showed it,” he said, “if you notice I don't go for one takedown, because I just didn't have the strength.

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