Sanchez expects early 2012 return

Sunday, October 23, 2011

“Diego’s hand, I want to say, is about 75 to 80-percent healed up. He’s lifting weights on it, he’s taking really good care of it, he’s rehabbing it hard. He’s really trying to get back as soon as possible,” Kawa told MMAWeekly Radio.

“I estimate him coming back either the first part of February or the later part of February.”

Like any injury, Kawa wants to make sure that Sanchez is back to full health before booking him in any fights, but there appear to be plenty of opportunities awaiting “The Dream” when he’s ready to come back.

“We probably need to wait another week to see how it is to grapple on it, like to grab and do that type of stuff and to actually spar with it. Once he does that and he feels completely confident in it, then hopefully based on that he can be back the beginning of February. If it still needs some time then maybe late February, early March,” Kawa stated.

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