Schaub: I ‘assumed’ Johnson was on PEDs

Friday, June 07, 2013

Brendan Schaub was able to win a three round decision against Lavar Johnson at UFC 157, even though he felt going in might be at a disadvantage due to the size of his opponent. Johnson would fail his post-fight drug test, something Schaub knew was a definite possiblity:

“When I saw him arrive at the hotel on Tuesday, he was jacked,” Schaub recalled. “And I said something to my coaches like ‘Well, hopefully they test this dude.’ Everyone was like, ‘Yeah, he’s pretty big.’ So, I assumed it. I assumed he was doing something when you look like that.

“He had an advantage, for sure,” Schaub insisted. “He was stronger. 100 percent.

“Why do you think I kept taking him down? When we got in the clinch I was like, ‘Good lord. This guy is eating different steak and potatoes than I am. I better take it to the ground.’

“I assumed he was on that,” he confessed. “Usually when guys are taking stuff like that their cardio’s not as good. Hence, why I kept taking him down. I figured he’d get worn out and I’d knock him out. it just didn’t turn out that way.”

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