Scott Ferrozzo: After 15 years,’Tank’ rematch will happen

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The rumor mill was rife with reports that Tank Abbott has challenged Scott Ferrozzo to a rematch of their first fight, which took place at UFC 11 way back in 1996.  Ferrozzo toughed out a decision in that grueling bout and now, all these years later, it seems that these two behemoths might be going at it once more.  Excited by the prospects of this match, I called Scott and we spoke about the possibility.

TheGARV:  Scott, there are rumors of a rematch between you and Tank.  What’s going on?

Scott Ferrozzo:  I got an email from a guy, one of [Tank’s] representatives, asking me if there could be a Tank/Ferrozzo 2 and offering me a lot of money.

TG:  Do you know if this guy is legit and actually connected to Tank Abbott?

SF:  Well, Tank Abbott’s on the main page of the guy’s entertainment website. He’s an agent.

TG:  What kind of shape are you in?

SF:  Well, they want to fight on March 11 in LA, so I’m not too worried about it.  I weigh 310 pounds right now.  When I fought Tank I was 355.

TG:  So you’ve actually slimmed down.

SF:  Oh yeah. Stronger.

TG:  Tank was a monster at the time.

SF:  At the time I fought Tank he was the toughest guy that I ever had to fight.  Now he’s gotten older and it’s just time to shut the guy up for good.

TG:  So this fight with Tank in March, you’re treating it as though it is going to happen, correct?

SF:  I put it on my Facebook and I had 150, 160 emails in an hour.  It’s been a long time, lot of people [interested].

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