Sean McCorkle responds to Kit Cope ‘vagina’ quip

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Kit Cope recently said that most MMA fighters were ‘vaginas’ for not standing and banging. Sean McCorkle responds, on the UG.

Hey, Kit Cope…

From: Sean McCorkle
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Just saw your interview where you claim MMA fighters are “Vaginas”. Are you sure you didn’t mean we’re “A——s”? Because from the looks of you, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen more a——s than vaginas in your life.

Hey, here’s a fun fact for you. You lost to Tiki Goshen. Let me repeat that. You lost to Tiki Goshen. In a fight. That means that if Tiki Goshen broke into your house, and you did not have a gun or other significant weapon readily available, Tiki Goshen would have little trouble subduing you, and rendering you completely helpless in a short amount of time. Then he would he proceed to take your belongings, and/or harm your family in any way he chooses.

Please tell me, how does it feel knowing that anytime you wake up to a “bump” in the middle of the night, you have to worry that it’s either Tiki Goshen, or someone who is equally tough, or tougher than Tiki Goshen? That must be a terrifying way to live. I wouldn’t walk down a street day or night anywhere in the world without a gun, if I didn’t think I could beat up Tiki Goshen.

Oh and I heard a rumor about you being on “MTV True life, I’m a gay kickboxer” or whatever the show was called. That’s awesome! Being on that show is like being on Jersey Shore but for only one episode as one of the skanks that The Situation bring home after a night of fistpumping. (not the kind you’re used to)

I’ve got an idea, since I’m an MMA fighter, and we’re all vaginas, how about you and I set up a Muay Thai fight with each other? My standup admitted sucks so you should have no problem at all. I know I weigh literally twice as much as you, but don’t be a vagina. You can even take steroids before the fight (again). Which reminds me, how in the F-ing hell does a 6 ft tall “man” take steroids before a fight and still weigh in at 155 lbs? That has to be some kind of a record. It’s like if we found out Roy Nelson was being treated for anorexia in the weeks leading up to a fight. That would be like if we found out Bob Sapp had swollen balls going into a fight.

I also can’t figure out how a dude that looks like Aaron Brink with Down’s Syndrome can walk around so cocky. Your body art looks like Roger Huerta’s tattoo artist did it, except while he was completely plastered.

Nobody cares about your little alleged bullshit bare knuckle “titles”. I watched some of your stuff on youtube, and I’m pretty sure even Kimbo Slice is embarrassed for you.

PS: Your MMA record is the complete opposite of the number of men your mom has likely been with. And by that I mean it’s “under 500”

Have a nice day 😉

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