Sean McCorkle vs. King JB, the MMA’s Howard Stern

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The “King JB” situation

From: Sean McCorkle
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Here is a brief synopsis. King JB is a pretend MMA journalist. You can catch his unintentionally hilarious videos all over youtube. They all have under 100 views, and typically a 100% thumbs down rating. I’ve known him for a couple of years. Every time I ran into him, he’d kiss my ass so hard it would make me embarrassed for him. He was a running joke in Indiana MMA, comparative to like Scott Lionheart Blevins if he was an MMA journalist instead of a fighter. Anyway, I always kind of felt sorry for him, so I’d be nice and talk to him whenever I saw him.

For some reason he moved to Tampa, Florida, and started trashing my brother (a huge regional mma promoter), my family, my friends, and myself. I guess solely because I’m related to my brother whom King JB feels like did him wrong.

So as is customary for me, I start making fun of King JB and some of his videos, etc, strictly for fun. King JB then starts saying he’d slap the shit out of me if he were still in Indy. And continues trashing me and my family for no reason whatsoever. What King JB didn’t know, is that I go to Florida about 8 times a year, and always to within a few hours drive of Tampa.

So I tell him that if next time I’m down there, he wants to slap the shit out of me, I’ll come to him. He starts talking tough, and says the typical “Anytime, anyplace, I’ll knock your ass out.” What King JB doesn’t realize is that although in normal life, I’m the most laid back guy ever, I have always, and will always call anyone’s bluff. Especially when I did nothing to them to begin with.

I’ve had local pretend gangstas (like JB) all the way to professional fighters talk shit and say they’d whip my ass, or I’m ducking them etc. My offer always remains the same to any of them. Name the date and time, come to my gym, sign the waiver so I can’t get arrested or sent to prison if they are seriously hurt, and we can just fight. Under any rules they’d like to fight. Gloves, no gloves, stand up only, groin shots, whatever. I’m yet to have anyone in the past 7 years since I started training, to take me up on it.

You’ll hear a bunch of lies from King JB about how I offered him 10k to show, etc, when what was actually said was this: Any amount of money he can come up with, and paypal transfer into a 3rd party account of someone we both know, I’ll match. I told him I’ll match whatever he can come up with beforehand that he doesn’t show at all, under the condition that it isn’t over until I say it’s over. So if I KO him, we wait for him to wake up, and start again. If I break his arm, he can’t quit. We keep fighting until I say it’s over, and then he can have all the money that we put up. I can promise you, he would leave with two broken arms, two destroyed knees, two eyes swollen shut, and missing even more teeth than he’s already missing.

I also offered to bet him any amount, all the way up to 100k that he wouldn’t last 5 minutes with me period. King JB said he’s got $20 he can put on it. He seriously said that.

So long story short, we all know it isn’t going to happen. And I’ll probably end up driving all the way to Tampa just to have him no show, but it’s worth it to me, just for the 1% chance he’s actually delusional enough to do it.

I don’t look for trouble with anyone. I’ve always said in every interview that I hate fighting. I just so happen to be pretty good at it. I’d rather be good at golf but I’m not. You have to do what you’re good at. Anyway I’ll post the videos below where the whole thing started

From: Sean McCorkle
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This is King JB’s self written bio on his website. Notice how it jumps from 3rd person to 1st person and back again. At some point I’m pretty sure he was in the 4th person.

Born in Springfield, Illinois and raised in three different locations including Chicago, Illinois, Lynwood, California, and Indianapolis, Indiana, King JB also known as John Collins had a very unstable upbringing. I am aware that a lot of people have them same issues, so I am not going to sit here and do the sorry upbringing sob story. He was raised by his mother with no father for most of his childhood as she smoked crack and roamed the streets to make money in the only way that she knew how. The rest of that story is a sad one, so we will just move past it.

As an adult, King JB made a lot of mistakes such as affiliating with some of the Los Angeles gangs, selling drugs, and three prison stays. Most of these happened in his late teens and early twenties. His grandmother had always told him that the street life would get him killed and after being stabbed 14 times and shot twice, King JB finally listened and decided to officially stay in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A hustler most of his life, King JB ran several telemarketing companies and always managed to move up to the general manager of each company he worked for despite tattoos all over his body and face. The people on the phone cannot see whom they are talking to, so the tattoos didn’t matter. The success that was achieved in that industry was huge, but King JB knew it just wasn’t for him.

Towards the end of 2008, King JB created a hip hop radio show entitled “Aww Hell Naw Radio”. This radio program developed an underground following and legendary reputation week in and week out. This was King JB’s first dealing with the radio industry.

After meeting his future wife, KING JB realized that he could attend college. I never thought I could, because I honestly always thought that only rich people went to college. Not only did I find out that I could go to college, but I found out that they would pay me to do so. That is when I decided that I would get my degree, and create the MMA Kingdom at the same time.

As a huge MMA fan, this became a dream come true. I could spend most of my day doing family and MMA related shit and just do some school work when needed. Then realizing how much my wife and I would bring in together through schooling and other hustles, I realized that things were gonna be real good. Obviously the streets are no more and legitimate businesses are what matters at this point. I never thought it was possible, but I see now that you can TRULY do anything you want if you put in some SERIOUS WORK to become just that…

So, with that said…here you have….King JB, the MMA’s Howard Stern….The ghetto journalist…

*A lot of details were left out for legal purposes 😉

From: Sean McCorkle
Member Since: 5/29/05
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