Sean Sherk’s UK police ordeal

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sean Sherk was in the UK on a seminar tour, but ended up getting dragged out of a vehicle by heavily armed police, when the car he was travelling in ended up on a police database as being linked to a key gangland figure.

The vehicle he was travelling in was stopped by a roadblock and armed police swooped on the vehicle.

The incident involved several carloads of police officers carrying automatic weapons, including Hechler and Koch MP5 machine guns – the UK police do not normally carry guns.

Sherk did not understand instruction to exit the vehicle, and was dragged out by tense officers. They cuffed his hands behind his back and pulled him away where he was none too gently searched before being dumped on the floor.

Sherk and his driver were eventually allowed on their way.

Sherk took the incident in good spirits, but noted that the officers were much more aggressive and heavy-handed than what he has ever experienced in the US.

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