Semmy Schilt in talks with the UFC

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Semmy Schilt, current holder of the K-1 World Grand Prix belt and the only man ever to win three consecutive K-1 Grand Prix, is in talks with the UFC about joining the heavyweight division, according to several Dutch forums.

Schilt landed himself in hot water last week by making a joke about the K-1 belt being stolen from his possession. It turned out to be some kind of publicity stunt in co-ordination with a Dutch radio station, which roped in respected Dutch newspaper Den Telegraaf among others.

K-1 executives reacted with less than good humour and told media in Japan that Schilt may be precluded from entering the World Grand Prix this year.

“Schilt was sorry if someone was concerned about the belt gone missing and apologized on twitter. They are not happy with the statement made by the K1 and emphasize that they have the utmost respect for the belt and the fans. However, they still thought it was pretty damn funny,” according to quotes posted on

“Schilt has fought MMA in the past and says that he will be able to defeat Brock Lesnar. Talks with Dana White have already started and a 3 fight contract is a possibility.”

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