Serra: Weidman made the right move checking the leg kick

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Matt Serra is the long-time jiu-jitus coach of UFC champion Chris Weidman, and his win over Anderson Silva at UFC 168 has been discussed in depth since the event. Serra belives that his pupil fought smart and checking the knee as he did was the right technique:

“Why is it odd,” asked Serra when questioned by post-fight at UFC 168. “See, here’s the thing; of course you’d like to have a nice knockout or a nice submission, or a ref stoppage or something like that, but the fight game is like chess, and he [Weidman] made the right move.

“He made the right move. If Chris doesn’t lift that leg up and check it — like Ray Longo showed him how to — he’s eating that kick. And here’s the thing about a kick like that; the harder you throw it, the worse for wear you are,” said Serra.

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