Seth Baczynski breaks arm, but keeps fighting to win by TKO

Friday, December 03, 2010

Thank you Tachi Palace and….

From: Seth Baczynski
Posted: 4 hours ago
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 everyone that helped me out for this fight. Rob Monroe and Thom Ortiz for cornering me. All my training partners in AZ. MTX Audio for the financial support. Tim for taking this fight with me. And my manager for getting me this fight.  My arm hurts but I’m pretty sure I’m going to live. The drive home from Cali to AZ is going to be long and painful but it was all worth it to get back inside the cage and prove to everyone what they didn’t get to see during my time in the UFC. I will keep everyone posted on how I’m doing. Again, thanks to Jeremy from Tachi (those guys take care of thier fighters). Oh, and if anyone wants me for a radio interview or otherwise, just email my manager:


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