Monday, January 08, 2018

I have known and admired Tara LaRosa for many, many years. I have reffed her in a grappling match vs. a BJJ black belt; she won. Thus I was not surprised in the least when she stepped up to beat down sexist Internet troll Kristopher Zylinski.

The contest was to have taken place on Saturday, January 6, at Breaking Point Martial Arts in Apopka, Florida. Oh, Florida. It would have aired via Facebook Live on McDojolife’s page at 7:00 pm ET. Both participants showed, demonstrating that the troll is a dumb troll.

However, according to WMMARankings, members of the Florida State Athletic Commission accompanied by armed police, arrive at the venue and shut the scrap down, approximately an hour before show time.

McDojoLife offered an explanation.

Some funds had been raised, and LaRosa was reportedly paid despite the cancelation.

These things happen in mixed martial arts. Or don’t. Or do.