Shalorus: I’m going back to my old Kamal

Thursday, May 10, 2012

“I love California,” he said. “If I had more money, I would live there. Beautiful ocean. People are always happy. But honestly I want to live here right now and make more money, save money. I have a good job and better sponsors.” 

Shalorus said a couple of big car dealerships have helped him financially, and he can concentrate on training and “not worry about money.”

Instead Shalorus, who wrestled for England in the 2004 Summer Olympics, can focus entirely on the veteran dos Anjos, who had been on a 4-1 UFC streak before losing a split decision to Gleison Tibau at UFC 139 this past November. 

“He’s a great fighter, well-rounded, good jiu-jitsu, and a good striker that likes to go for takedowns,” Shalorus said. “But I’m good too. It’s going to be a very good fight, exciting. I’m going to be back to my old Kamal.” 

If that is the case, fans should be excited to see the forward-moving Shalorus – who made his name on the national scene in three-round WEC clashes against Bart Palaszewski, Jamie Varner and Dave Jansen. 

“My trainers are pushing me so hard,” Shalorus said of new coach Matt Terry and training partner Najim Wali. “But I don’t want to be more technical. I want to be more attack. That’s my style.” 

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