Shamrock: I cried for 1st hour of sit down with Ken

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frank said the direction of the documentary changed several times and the original plan was not to build it around a conversation with Ken. But once he and Spike TV talked about doing a documentary based on his book,. “Uncaged: The Life of a Champion MMA Fighter,” the discussions led to involving Ken.

“I wondered if we could get Ken. He’s such a big part of my life story because martial arts is a big part of the story. Once we started conversations, he was weirdly receptive,” Frank Shamrock said.

With hindsight, he also said he wasn’t ready at all for what happened, including Ken outright calling him a coward to his face.

“No I wasn’t (ready). I was totally caught off guard and I was very emotional about it. The whole thing was very painful. I’d forgotten how erect Ken is, and it blew me away. I think I started crying in the first two seconds. I just came to apologize. I know some of the things I did were wrong, not because I meant to be wrong, but because I didn’t make the right decision at the time,” Frank Shamrock said.

Frank admitted, in particular, that he should have attended his adopted father Bob Shamrock’s funeral in 2010. Bob, who adopted Frank after he got out of Folsom prison for robbing a Taco Bell, had spoken few words to Frank since 1997, a conversation that lasted perhaps 20 seconds after the Ortiz fight, and one visit Frank made after Bob had suffered a heart attack in 2009.

“I cried for like the entire first hour,” he said. “It’s not good. That’s why we don’t have more footage.”

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