Shamrock’s bodyguard do’s and dont’s

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ken Shamrock has been retired from professional MMA since 2010, but the former 'world's most dangerous man' has kept himself busy, body guarding some of Hollywood's most famous stars. Shamrock recently spoke to FOX Sports about his job and the important do's and don'ts of the business, and how he would have prevented the recent incident between Jay-Z and Solange:

Marc Raimondi for FOX Sports

— Be on the look out for problems before they start

This, in Shamrock's mind, is the first thing Jay-Z's bodyguard failed at. He should have sensed there was significant tension between the rapper and Solange before they even got on the elevator.

“A good detection guy will notice things are not right before they happen,” Shamrock said. “This was something I'm sure everybody saw coming.”

Not only did the bodyguard not realize something terrible was about to occur, but he allowed Jay-Z, Beyonce and Solange to all enter an elevator — an enclosed space — together. A big-time no-no, per Shamrock.

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